VLC-VHSC Guidelines


No: 1/341-VHSC-RCH-5-2009/3139-59                                dated: 15-05-09



                        Mission Director, NRHM,

                        SIHFW, Sector 6, Panchkula,



                        All Civil Surgeons, Haryana


Subject:           Making Village Health Sanitation Committee a part of Village Level Committee constituted by Department of Women & Child Development


                        Kindly refer to the subject cited above.


1.                     It has been observed that various departments have constituted different committees at the village level and these committees are functioning independently. The matter had come up for discussion in the meeting of Governing Council of State Health Society held on July 30, 2008 under the Chairpersonship of FCHM and it was decided therein that Village Health and Sanitation Committee (VHSC), constituted by Health Department, be made a part of Village Level Committees, constituted by the Women and Child Development Department as the two committees have similar membership and mandate.


2.                     It has also been decided that single bank account will be maintained by this Committee. Accordingly Village Health and Sanitation Committees will be a part of Village Level Committees and the annual untied grant of Rs. 10,000/-  already given to each VHSC be transferred to the VLC.


Composition of VLC-cum-VHSC:

1.   Lady Panch to be nominated by Village Panchayat              -Chairperson 

2.   All mahila panches in the village                                             - Member

3.   One Lady School teacher deputed by Head master              -Member

(preferably same village)

4.   Multi Purpose Health Worker (Female)                                  - Member

5.   Pardhan of Sakshar Mahila Samooh (SMS)                         - Member

6.   ASHA                                                                                      - Member

7.   Village Chowkidar                                                                   - Member

8.   Representative of War Widows                                              - Member

9.   Three educated adolescent girls out of which at-                   -Members

least one should be from scheduled caste

10. Self Help Group leader from each SHG                                -Member

11. Representative of NGO/ Social Activist                                 - Member

Working in the village

12. Representative of public health/drinking water                      -Member

department in-charge of the village

13. All Anganwadi Workers                                                          - Member

14. Anganwadi Worker selected by supervisor                            -Convener

  1. Any other member with permission of VLC                           - Member


  1. i.          Funds under NRHM meant for VHSC will be transferred into bank accounts of VLC cum VHSC. Civil Surgeons will initiate and coordinate with Programme Officers (ICDS) and ensure that untied funds meant for VHSC are immediately transferred into the bank account of VLC cum VHSC. Funds will be deposited into these accounts directly from district office of the Civil Surgeon.
  2. ii.         Annual audit of VHSC funds under NRHM will be carried out in coordination with Department of Women & Child Development. 
  3. iii.        VLC cum VHSC will maintain separate cash book for funds provided by Health Department.
  4. iv.       VLC cum VHSC will nominate one member to maintain cash book of funds given by Health Department and will be paid Rs 50/- per month for maintaining the cash book out of the untied funds available with VHSC.


Health Specific Roles and Responsibilities of VLC-cum-Village Health and Sanitation Committee


  1. 1)            Assessing, analyzing, prioritizing and developing area specific health plan for each village /habitations.
  2. 2)            Building awareness on key issues on health and determinants of health
  3. 3)            Community mobilization.
  4. 4)            Community resource mobilization.
  5. 5)            Facilitating the delivery of RCH outreach services.
  6. 6)            Promoting community involvement in disease prevention activities.
  7. 7)            Community monitoring of referral compliance of high risk mothers and high risk newborns.
  8. 8)            Emergency transportation of high risk mothers and newborns.
  9. 9)            Surveillance and notification of communicable diseases for organizing control measures.
  10. 10)         Promoting family welfare services with special focus on NSV.
  11. 11)         Ensuring the provision of protected drinking water.
  12. 12)         Encouraging the un reached to avail the basic services.
  13. 13)         Demand generation for basic services.
  14. 14)         Community analysis of causes of infant deaths and maternal deaths and .taking necessary action to prevent them.
  15. 15)         Contacting the Medical Emergency and Referral Control Room in case of emergencies / arranging for vehicle.
  16. 16)         Community surveillance for prevention of female infanticide / foeticide.
  17. 17)         Facilitating Birth and Death registration.
  18. 18)         Facilitating growth monitoring and feeding of ICDS children and Antenatal mothers.
  19. 19)         Support and follow up to all health interventions and needs in the area.
  20. 20)         Community monitoring of utilization of Basic services like:
  21.                       i)            Conduct and utilization of monthly immunization clinics
  22.                      ii)            Daily water chlorination
  23.                     iii)            Availability of ORS pockets
  24.                    iv)            Conduct of BCC meetings
  25.                     v)            Weighing of new born children
  26.                    vi)            Regular school attendance of every child
  27.                   vii)            Cash benefits to all beneficiaries



                        Meeting of VLC cum VHSC will be held on first Wednesday of every month.  The activities undertaken in previous meeting will be discussed and plan for next month will be finalized. The need based meeting should be held in case of some emergent matter needs to be discussed or where urgent action is required, i.e. in case of Epidemic, Flood etc.


Administrative Approval and Financial Sanction:

                        The untied funds of VHSC will be spent after the approval of the committee and only on the item/activities approved by the committee.


Submission of Statement of Expenditure (SOE):

                        The concerned Multipurpose Health Worker (Female) shall submit SOE on half yearly basis by 5th October and 5th April, respectively. ASHA and Anganwari Worker shall reconcile the expenditure with bank statements. The Statement of expenditure will be submitted on plane paper mentioning there in as under:


“Certified that an amount of Rs. _____________has been utilized during the half year ending 30th September____ /31st March_____ from untied funds released to VLC cum VHSC for the village_______________”.


*Statement of Expenditure/ Statement of account will be signed by the joint signatory of the VLC cum VHSC.

You are therefore requested to kindly circulate these instructions to all CHC/PHC/Sub Centers and all concerned under jurisdiction.


                                                                                    Deputy Director, NRHM

                                                                        for  Mission Director, (NRHM) Haryana


No: 1/341-VHSC-RCH-5-2009/3160-64                                dated: 15-05-09


      i.          Copy forwarded to PS/FCHM for information of Financial Commissioner &

      Principal Secretary to Govt. Haryana, Health Department

  1. ii.             Copy forwarded to PA to DGHS for information of DGHS
  2. iii.            Copy forwarded to PA/ Additional Mission Director, NRHM for information.
  3. iv.           Copy forwarded to Director Department of Women & Child for information and necessary action.  
  4. v.            Copy forwarded to Director Finance and Accounts, NRHM for information necessary action


Deputy Director, NRHM

 for  Mission Director, (NRHM) Haryana

No: 1/341-VHSC-RCH-5-2009/3165-85                                dated: 15-05-09


                        A copy is forwarded to all Deputy Commissioners-cum-Chairman District Health and Family Welfare Societies for information.


Deputy Director, NRHM

 for  Mission Director, (NRHM) Haryana