SMS Groups

Success Story No. 1:
SMS Group: Village Riwazpur
District: Faridabad
At a distance of about 6 km. from Faridabad, there are two villages, Riwazpur & Tikawali.  On 1st April 2008, a tavern (Wine shop) was established on the road to these villages.  As a result of which men after drinking started misbehaving with women passing by this tavern and created a lot of nuisance for the residents.
SMS groups of village Riwazpur approached the authorities for taking necessary action against the Tavern, but it did not yield any results.
Then 50 members of SMS groups gathered at the tavern site to lodge protest but tavern owner did not listen to any of their requests.  SMS members out of anger and frustration locked the tavern forcibly after heated arguments with the tavern owner. 
SHO, Bhupani was approached by SMS after this episode and he formally ordered the Tavern owner to close the Tavern on 10.05.2008.The menace of drinking in public has been successfully eliminated from this village. The President of India has recently honoured Ms. Roshini Devi, SMS member for this remarkable achievement.

Success Story No. 2:

Participation of Sakshar Mahila Samooh in total sanitation campaign in District Sirsa to make the district totally ‘Open Defecation Free’Members of “Sakshar Mahila Samooh” actively participated in successful implementation of total sanitation campaign in district Sirsa where 333 villages were made completely ‘Open Defecation Free’ and were declared as “Nirmal Gram”. SMS members emerged as natural leaders and campaigned at village level under “Swachta Samities” as motivators and also regularly monitored the progress on day to day basis. The slogans like “Jai Swachta” were used to make people understand the importance of cleanliness and sanitation.

Success Story No. 3:

SMS Group : Village Bidwan, Block Siwani
District: Bhiwani
In June 2007, an 8th class student named Promila was being forced to marry against her wishes to a relative. This girl met the President of SMS group, Smt Tarawati and requested here to help her out of this situation.  Sakshar Mahila Samooh of this village intervened and counseled the family regarding disadvantages of early marriage.  As a result of which the marriage was stopped.  The girl is very happy and herself is an active member of Sakshar Mahila Samooh and is continuing her education.

Success Story No. 4:

SMS Group: Village Beedmangoli Block Babban
District: KurukshetraSakshar Mahila Samooh at Village Beedmanoli has started a project with the help of Haryana Women’s Development Corporation to train the women in their village in Beauty Parlour work and making & marketing of Sanitary Napkins. They have trained 20 women of which 5 are from Schedules Castes and 15 are from backward class families thereby empowering them to earn their own livelihood.  Women of this village have already made 45,000 sanitary napkins which are being sold at the rate of Rs.7.50/- per packet.  This project has enabled these women to be financially independent. 

Success Story No. 5:

SMS Group:  8 villages (Nayagoan, Sabhupur, Bakarpur, Behrampur, Fatehpur,  Kambojmajri, Damla, Kishenpura)
District: Yamunanager
SMS of the villages mentioned above have been assigned the responsibility of registering complaints of the consumers by UHBVN.  The Nigam has provided a calling user group cell phone.  The complaints are registered from 9.00 A.M.  to 5.00.P.M.  This is very convenient to the residents since earlier they had to travel about 5 kms. For lodging their complaints.  UHBVN will provide stationery and pay an honorarium of Rs. 500 per month to the SMS member for this work.  SMS women of these villages are doing this work very enthusiastically.